walsingham primary school

The present Primary School was erected in 1912 for supposedly 230 children (!).

Alfred Percy Rawlings was the Headmaster and C A Cornish the schoolmistress

Arthur Rawlings left in 1915 to join up with the RAMC - serving as a stretcher bearer before returning to the school (nicknamed Apple Pies and Rasberries)

Later teachers would be (during the war) Mr Rump, Mr Lewis as headmaster(followed by Mrs Lewis), Miss Harvey, Miss Woollard, Miss Howell and Mr Garrod as sports master.

Two teachers arrived with the London evacuees - Miss Looker and Miss Cruikshanks (the latter married Mr Garrod)

Later teachers included Headmasters Harvey Grace and Gerald Stocking, with teachers Mrs Pearce, Mr Dunn and Mrs Wyer

photo from around 1965
Susan Lloyd, Denise Potter, Jennifer King, Jasmine Reynolds, Sonia McColl, Karen Pugh

Walsingham brownies

photo taken on the lawn at the old vicarage in 1962

names so far : Linda Buckenham, Sonia McColl, Jackie Edge, Nicola Savory, Jennifer King, Belinda Savory, Veronica Rowe, Rita Elmer, 9, Lesley Yeo,

Anita Beckham, Linda Steed, Marina Anthony, Glenda Childs, Jane Massingham, 16, Jackie Lloyd, Vanessa Stocking, Diane Flowerdew, Katherine Faircloth

(apologies for any errors - any names would be most helpful)